BREAKING: City Boys Down 1,000,000 Due to Ill-Intent

Living in New York introduced me to the physical and emotional discomfort commonly known as manspreading. It’s when you’re sitting on the subway, sweating your ass off, and you’re taking up as little space as possible. Why? Because the person next to you has their legs open so wide that one knee is in Brooklyn and the other is in Anchorage, Alaska. It sucks, and people who aren’t cisgendered men are often the targets of this encroachment. That’s not the only way people have overstepped women and non-binary people’s boundaries, and sometimes it’s taken a step further when they enter spaces originally created without cishet men in mind. The conversation about (and laws regarding) abortion, mansplained elaborations on feminism, and most recently, the idea of Hot Girl Summer, are other zones that don’t necessarily need to include cis men, but they’ve made a way to make it about them.

At it’s core, Hot Girl Summer is about women having fun, being themselves, and making some green while it all goes down. It was not focused on the oppression of cis men, and any jokes made about them were usually all in good fun (even though they don’t need to be, because men have been terrorizing women for centuries). But men couldn’t just let women have it. That was too easy. They had to make themselves a part of the dialogue, and not for good reasons. Most men weren’t concerned with enjoying the summer and listening to Thee Stallion’s latest features – they have been too preoccupied making this out to be an embarrassing expression of misogny. One of the most recent, popular ‘City Boys’ tweets is a video of a date and the man forces his date to pay after he left the restaurant (after lying to her and telling her that he’s using the bathroom). This is not evidence of the “City Boys” winning anything, it’s just them admitting to being broke and pitiful as all hell.

The City Boys are antagonists. And it’s not lost on me that not too long ago, men rallied against both Megan Thee Stallion and the City Girls for being bad influences. But the truth is, men aren’t calling the City Boys bad influences. They’re gassing each other up, acting out for internet points, and applauding one another for upsetting women and their homegirls. And we feel like “damn, if you can’t uplift yourself and other women on the internet and in real life, what the hell can you do?”.

For once, it would be nice if men would take the time to come up with their own concepts and spaces. This season is ours, let us rock. Women get such a hard time for considering doing a quarter of what men boldly do – we often can’t even speak on sex freely without being called names, which is a part of the reason why Thee Stallion receives such support in the first place (because she speaks her mind, regardless of what anyone says). In closing, the intentions of the City Boys and their “Hot Boy Summer” charade are not as self-loving as their forced counterparts. So shove it and go find something else to fuck with. Over and out.

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